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At KLA, we believe in the power of collaboration, innovation and execution. We know that the best way to accomplish those goals is through a diverse environment built on communication, understanding, global culture, skills and knowledge. We know that technology is constantly changing—but our values sustain our market and technology leadership.

KLA Values

KLA Culture

Supporting innovation from the inside

For more than forty years, KLA’s culture of innovation has pushed the boundaries of technology enabling us to solve complex engineering problems for our customers. We are passionate about creating solutions that drive the semiconductor and other related nanoelectronics industries.

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KLA People

Meet the people behind the breakthroughs

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"I am proud to work at KLA not only because innovation has always been a trademark of KLA’s brand, but also because of our company values of demonstrating perseverance; driving to be better; being honest, forthright and consistent (HFC); building high-performance teams; and being indispensable to our customers. “Winners never quit, and quitters never win”. This is what I have learned by working with many successful people and on many projects at KLA. Management is always paying attention to the employees’ voice and trying to make the work place great for every employee. The cross-cultural working environment gives everyone an opportunity to do his/her best and every opinion is respected in the team. I always enjoy working with both the customer and my team at KLA."
Yokohama, Japan

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"I joined KLA as an Applications Engineer in 1995. I wanted to engage myself with the state of the art technologies demanded by semiconductor manufacturing.

Many of our projects are challenging and our customers expect quality outputs. I was not familiar with the industry but learned a lot through customer support and collaborations. Overcoming challenges with highly motivated and accountable colleagues, in addition to, members of product divisions keeps me encouraged and motivated.

No matter how leading edge the technology is, if there is no user it's not called a "product". I'd like to keep engaging with the customers to bridge their needs with KLA’s leading edge technologies."
Yokohama, Japan

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"KLA is a leader in process control for the semiconductor and related industries. That's why I chose KLA. We can meet the needs of our customers by doing the best with the latest high technology. It is a chance to be challenged and developed while maintaining a happy work and life balance."
South Korea

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"I chose to work at KLA because it ranks highly among leading technology companies in Silicon Valley. Over the years I came to realize the company demands an advanced level of technical expertise and professional standards from its employees. This is how KLA maintains its leadership position in the semiconductor industry. The numerous personal growth and career opportunities presented to me keeps me engaged. Being able to maintain a work and life balance have strengthened my conviction that KLA is a top company to work for."
Silicon Valley, California

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