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Environmental Engineering Manager

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Company Overview

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EH&S which sits with the Enterprise Risk Group, part of the Corporate Support Group.


The Environmental Engineering Manager develops, implements, monitors and manages company environmental managment programs (including ISO14001 programs) and policies to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local environmental, health, and safety regulations. Maintains safety equipment inventory, performs periodic safety inspections, monitors hazardous waste removal vendors, and may assist in consolidating hazardous wastes (chemical, radioactive, and/or medical). Interacting with a variety of departments, conducts training in emergency response and hazardous material handling. Monitors environmental compliance and maintains liaison with appropriate regulatory agencies. Recommends and drives corrective action where environmental health and safety hazards exist. The work of the Environmental Engineering Manager spans across the globe and interacts with others in the administration of EHS and CSR programs gloablly.


  • Prepare, review, and update environmental reports

  • Design projects leading to environmental protection, such as water reclamation facilities, air pollution control systems, and operations that convert waste to energy

  • Obtain, update, and maintain plans, permits, and standard operating procedures

  • Provide technical support for environmental remediation projects and for legal actions

  • Analyze scientific data and provide quality-control checks

  • Monitor the progress of environmental improvement programs

  • Inspect industrial and municipal facilities and programs to ensure compliance with environmental regulations

  • Advise corporations and government agencies about procedures for cleaning up contaminated sites

  • Ensure Environmental programs and management systems in place and effective to minimize the risks to employees, the environment and the community. Some of the Key Environmental programs for the site include:

  • Hazardous Materials Management Program

  • Hazardous Waste Management

  • Air Emissions and Permitting management (i.e. BAAQMD)

  • Wastewater Permitting and Storm Water Programs

  • Environmental Engineering Manager conduct hazardous-waste management studies in which they evaluate the significance of the hazard and advise on treating, reducing and and containing it.


Minimum Qualifications

A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in civil, chemical, mechanical, or environmental engineering or a related field, AND 7 years of increasingly responsible professional civil, mechanical, chemical, or environmental engineering experience, depending on assignment, includes experience in a supervisory or project management role.

Experience creating and managing Environmental Managment Systems (ISO14001).

Knowledge of:

• Methods and techniques for data and map collection, presentation and record management.

• Methods and techniques for record keeping and report preparation.

• Fundamentals of physical, biological, and chemical wastewater treatment processes.

• Knowledge of research methods.

• Knowledge of wastewater treatment plant unit operations and unit processes.

• Knowledge of state and local rules and standards governing the operation of a wastewater treatment plant.

• Knowledge of administrative and organizational principles.

• Ability to organize and present formal written reports and technical oral presentations in an effective manner.

• Ability to deal effectively with the public and other employees.

• Federal, State, and local rules and standards governing water quality protection and wastewater management.

• Prepare and present administrative and technical reports and presentations.

• Effectively manage projects and consultants.

• Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

• Establish, maintain, and promote positive and effective working relationships with employees, other agencies, and the public.

• Work independently and as a team member; recognize and set priorities and meet deadlines.

Equal Employment Opportunity

KLA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants will be considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability, or any other characteristics protected by applicable law.

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