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Calling the adventurers ready to join a company that's pushing the limits of nanotechnology to keep the digital revolution rolling. At KLA-Tencor, we're making technology advancements that are bigger—and tinier—than the world has ever seen.

Who are we?  We research, develop, and manufacture the world's most advanced inspection and measurement equipment for the semiconductor and nanoelectronics industries. We enable the digital age by pushing the boundaries of technology, creating tools capable of finding defects smaller than a wavelength of visible light. We create smarter processes so that technology leaders can manufacture high-performance chips—the kind in that phone in your pocket, the tablet on your desk and nearly every electronic device you own—faster and better. We're passionate about creating solutions that drive progress and help people do what wouldn't be possible without us.  The future is calling. Will you answer?



PRIMARY PURPOSE: Primarily responsible for customer service activities associated with modifying, troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing of highly complex capital equipment at customer sites and trade shows. Represents the company to the customer and assumes accountability for customer satisfaction with service. Assures operational quality of system equipment. Coordinates actions with customers to minimize down time. Provides assistance to Installation Engineers in resolving problems. RESPONSIBILITIES: Evaluates, analyzes, diagnoses and troubleshoots technical equipment problems via telephone or at customer site. Ensures equipment enhances customer production. Repairs and modifies equipment at customer facility. Evaluates equipment to determine type and extend of problem. Repairs involve board problems which can be performed using standard procedures as well as system level problems which have multiple causes and no standard procedures exist. Repair of system level problems are based on CSE's technical knowledge, education and training. Board problems vs. system level problems are split 50/50. In analyzing and diagnosing equipment problems, CSE's may access and determine problem exists in customer process such as chemical leaks or contamination and as a result may recommend shutdown of customer fab due to unsafe conditions. Provides guidance and technical assistance to Installation Engineer on installations at customer sites or on installing/dismantling demonstration machines. Travels by car or airplane to customer facility. Conducts customer orientation and technical training on all aspects of equipment maintenance support for user applications. Cross trains and assists other field service engineers as appropriate. Prepares reports on customer support activity and provides documentation to engineering, marketing and sales on a re-occurring problems. Makes recommendations for improvements. Independently prepares quotes for customers based on labor, travel expenses incurred and parts needed. CSE's use discretion in preparing quotes based on reason for equipment failure, time to prepare, etc. KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL: Certification Level 3 - Proficiency in systems level repair of 1 or more products within a family is required. Advanced electronics skills. Ability to troubleshoot problems in software and electronic systems. Knowledge of optics and lasers, computer theory and applicable operating system knowledge. Good mechanical and analytical skills. Strong interpersonal/communication skills in understanding customer needs. Ability to work under pressure and stringent timelines since failure of company equipment may shut down customer manufacturing area. Must sucessfully complete ongoing technical training to acquire a thorough knowledge of company equipment, the application of diagnostic techniques and practical application of service aids. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: BSEE or BSET degree or equivalent work experience in supporting complex capital equipment for the semiconductor industry is required. Must obtain KLA-Tencor certification level 3 as well as ongoing certification. Requires re-certification every 18 months. SUPERVISION REQUIRED: The nature of work requires that Customer Support Engineers work highly independently; only occasionally (approximately 20% of time) requiring guidance from management. Customer Service Engineers are required to contact management on a daily basis (twice each day) to report activities. Customer Support Engineers spend approximately 50% of time in office resolving equipment problems via phone and 50% of time at customer site.

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